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About Exuma

Paddle Exuma is based on the beautiful island of Great Exuma in the south central Bahamas. The Exuma Cays, an island chain stretching over 100 miles, are known for their crystal clear waters, friendly people, and authentic Bahamian out island lifestyle. Great Exuma is located in the southern Exuma Cays. We enjoy warm weather and water year round, and lots of sunshine!

The waters of Great Exuma support a variety of marine ecosystems including mangrove creeks, coral reefs, and seagrass beds. All are reachable by paddleboard! Our tours will show you seldom seen areas, where nature exists untouched. We especially enjoy visiting tidal mangrove creeks teeming with life. Here’s some more information about the marine life you can expect to see during your paddleboarding experience.

Mangrove Creeks

Mangrove ecosystems are known as the nurseries of the tropical marine environment because of the shelter the plant’s roots provide to baby fish, but there are a lot more reasons to love mangroves! Besides all of the animals that call mangrove creeks their home including turtles, sharks, rays, and birds, mangrove forests act as a natural filtration system between the land and the sea keeping the waters clean and pristine.

Seagrass Beds

Seagrass beds are like the salad bar of the sea. They are almost always found nearby coral reefs. Lots of fish that live on coral reefs travel to seagrass beds to forage on tasty crabs and shrimp. Turtles and conch also depend on seagrass, but stick to the vegetarian diet of grasses and algae. Healthy seagrass beds support lots of life by making oxygen during photosynthesis. They also keep the water clear by trapping sediments and cycling nutrients.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are often called the rainforests of the sea because of the amazing diversity of sea life that live in this habitat. Corals, the invertebrate animal that builds the reefs, are very particular about their living conditions. They like crystal clear warm waters, which must be why there are so many here in Exuma! Coral reefs are a great example of the ecological concept of symbiosis. In exchange for providing lots of animals with a good sturdy home, corals depend on those inhabitants to keep the house clean! Lobsters, grazing fish like surgeonfish and parrotfish, and urchins all do this very well by eating away the algae that can overgrow the slow growing corals. Exuma’s reefs are some of the healthiest in The Bahamas.

Stand Up – Look Down!

Stand-up paddleboarding is the ideal way to experience the marine environment. You have a unique perspective looking down through the clear waters, and you don’t have to worry about scaring wildlife away with a noisy engine.


Paddle Exuma

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